What do real estate agents charge you to find you a home?


There is no charge to you from the realtor for…

  • helping you find a home
  • discovering and sharing information about the home, ie, tax records, disclosures, flood zones, etc.
  • unlocking the door and letting you see the homes and properties
  • providing contractual paperwork and technology to purchase the home
  • scheduling and hiring inspectors for you
  • following up with inspections to make sure the seller satisfied and completed the tasks required
  • providing you titling experts to research the title
  • sending paperwork to your loan officer
  • providing you with a final walk through before you sign the paperwork

When it comes to purchasing real estate, there is no charge to the buyer from the buyer’s agent.

If you are purchasing a new or used home, you need a realtor® to represent you and your best interest and provide you with documents and technology to purchase the home. It’s free.

The realtor is paid out of the commission (agreed upon when the home was first put on the market) paid to the seller’s agent for selling their home and cost the buyer (you) nothing.

For Sale by Owner

Some believe that when they purchase a FSBO that they do not need a realtor. True, it’s not needed but do you really want to make the biggest $$ amount decision of your life without a state licensed expert to help guide you in the decision making?  In this case it’s possible for you and the seller to hire a realtor to act as an independent 3rd party to help facilitate the transaction and paperwork and you can share in the fee to the realtor. But only in this case would you ever have to pay a realtor to purchase a home.

If you are in the market for a home in the Chattanooga and North Georgia market, contact us today and give us an opportunity to be your realtor.