Use a Realtor® when buying from a “For Sale By Owner”

Just because the home is “For Sale By Owner” doesn’t mean you should buy the home without a realtor.

There are many things to look out for and be aware of when purchasing a home and most states have provided regulations to protect the buyer. If you’re not using a realtor to purchase a home you are on your own and at the mercy of the seller. There are several times you can unilaterally terminate a Purchase and Sale agreement if things are not going as expected with the purchase of a home. It’s all in the contract in the fine print. Having a realtor that knows the fine print and your state laws is invaluable when making one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make.

Realtors have to maintain their licensing with required courses and have to renew every two to three years in most states so they are aware of any changes in laws that can affect the sale of real estate. This knowledge and experience can assist you in making the wisest decisions during a real estate transaction. Why would you go it alone?

If you’re not confident in your knowledge of inspection periods, due diligence and market value then it’s best to be represented by a licensed realtor. Often the cost of the realtor can be paid by the seller but you can also pay the realtor yourself.

Cindy & Jeff Coppage
Cindy & Jeff Coppage

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