Why you should hire a realtor to sell your home

  1. Real Estate Agents and Brokers carry Errors and Omission Insurance which can protect them from lawsuits which may arise.
  2. Listing in a local MLS will get your home in front of more buyers.
  3. According to Zillow over 70% of For Sale By Owner sell their homes using a realtor eventually
  4. Real Estate Agents can bring Pre-Approved and Qualified Buyers.
  5. Real Estate Agents have access to all paperwork and contracts and can be Digitally Signed by anyone with an email address.
  6. Real Estate Agents can manage and inform both buyer and seller of timeline for contract expiration dates.
  7. Real Estate Agents have access to software and resources which can better assess the value of home.
  8. Real Estate Agents are licensed professionals who must maintain state requirements including ethical standards and practices.
  9. Real Estate Agents may already have a buyer for your home.
  10. Selling a house is the biggest transaction a person can make, having a professional to guide them through the transaction can be very helpful.

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