Get Pre-Approved as soon as you can

There are two types of approval and you should know the difference before you begin looking for a home.

  1. Pre-Approval.
  2. Bank Approval.


Getting pre-approved is fairly simple and involves a discussion with a lender.

The lender can determine if you have the income and the ability to purchase with a just a few simple questions and minimum proof. Once you are pre-approved you have some time to shop for a home.

With Pre-Approval you will know what you can afford and roughly what you’ll need in a downpayment and the payment itself. You’ll also receive a letter that you can show to sellers who normally request this before even looking at your offer.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to get pre-approved. It doesn’t take long and will save you a lot time and possibly grief.

Bank Approval

Getting bank approval is something that you’ll have to do if you purchase a home. It is a bit more involved than pre-approval and you must show proof of the money you have coming in and what you have going out each month. All your finances are examined and it’s in the contract that you must get bank approval within a certain amount of days after “going under contract” on a purchase of a home.

Get Pre-Approved Now!

Most of the time you can get pre-approved just by filling out a little information with a lender. To learn more, complete this short form.